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Good Stewards

The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.. Romans 11:29
Do not allow the devil to bring doubt to what God has called you to do.  He desires to steal your anointing and make you think that God has changed your mind about your calling and even the gifts God has given you. Once God has called you HE entrusts you to submit it to Him to do the work of God in your life. He doesn't revoke your calling, the only person that can hinder it is you.

You calling and gifts are closely related...Your calling compliments your gifts, and your gifts adorn your calling giving total glory to God.

Are you a good steward or do you bury your calling and gifts? Maybe once upon a time you operated in them, and then you went through a season where you didn't use them....Remember that they are irrevocable and irreplaceable in your life. You never lost them. God has not forgotten you and He is more than willing to replenish you with the strength and courage to do what He has called you to do.


More Power to YA!!

The Holy Spirit is a very important part of our life as a Christian.  A true believer is filled with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. I believe that it is a daily supernatural infilling.  Ephesians 5:18 states that we should be filled with the Holy Spirit. In that same scripture it makes mention of being drunk on wine.  Acts 2:4 says there were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Verse 13 states that some of the people who witnessed this thought they were drunk with new wine. I really do not think this is a coincidence.  We can be intoxicated with many things and not only name it. Our bodies are temples that house the Holy Spirit if we allow ourselves to have that wonderful experience.

How do you get filled with the Holy Spirit? You ask God to fill you, then you wait for it.  While you are waiting, I suggest that expect it and stand on the promises that the word says especially in Acts 2.  There are so …

Are You A Spiritual Hoarder?

I'm sure you have all seen the show about hoarders on television, or you might actually know people who have that issue in their own life.  There are some very tear jerking episodes of people who need mental attention because they more of less did not know how to cope.

This morning when I was spending time with God I plainly heard the words "Spiritual Hoarder." I have never really thought about it. So here I am asking God if I am a spiritual hoarder? 

I prayed, looked and of course "googled," and you would not believe it, but that that topic has been blogged on by several other Christians.

On the outside of a hoarders life they have massive piles of stuff they have collected over the years in their homes.

What I am really getting at though, is do you have massive piles of sins living in your body? That you have held onto over the years. I think the biggest road block to being delivered is holding a grudge for many years...anger, regrets, bitterness, hatred and…

"Stand Up and Fight like A Man!"

It is high time you stopped allowing the enemy of your soul to bully and run over you! For so many years, I let the devil run all over me like a steam-roller, just because "Momma or daddy did not tell me any better."   In other words, at a certain point in your life you have got to stop blaming your parents, and be accountable to God for your own sins!!  Your soul can be so infested and your heart infected by the weakness of sin in your flesh. The enemy and His minions can be glued to you like a magnet. If no one has told you, I am here to tell  you that you are in a spiritual war and it is high time like for you to "Stand up and fight like a Man!!"

     Do you wonder at times why you fail into the same old trap of sin again and again?  The Father of all lies, will make you think you its all on you, that its your fault that you are carnal and fleshy. The devil had a hand to play in making you think that way.  Its time to take a stand for the King, and spiritually ge…

Stepping Back....

Hey Readers,
I am starting a new blog but stepping back into the "God's Zone."   We have even have a God's Zone address now.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, and that is refurbishing old popular blog posts. I am excited to start this new project and you can expect some fresh new perspectives...Once I gather all the postings I will be deleting my old blogs to bring in new and anointed writings from the Father's Heart.....The name of this blog says it all...I have made great strides in the Lord in 2018, and this is just one more thing that God has put on  my heart is reviving a new wineskin for new wine! Yes Lord give us more of your awesome wine of Your Holy Presence!! We put on the Garments of Praise  for the spirit of heaviness!! I dedicate this new blog in the name of Jesus....I allow the Holy Spirit to come forth in the words that are written that will deliver and help the body of Christ grow in all areas.
Marantha, Richard T Hicks