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HE Paid Your Debt!!!

Amen! Jesus has done it all!!! He has paid the debt, and fulfilled the obligation.  Jesus has the keys of death and hell.   Satan does not have power over your life anymore. Give all your life to Jesus Christ, and not just a little part, but don't be afraid to commit to Him every part. Don't you think He deserves it for all He has done?    

The devil is the game player, do you really and truly want the enemy on your side.  He disguises himself as such a fun guy, "Come be on my side, let's have some fun, God doesn't care." I am here to tell you that He is all fun and games. That his objective is to get you on His side...  When all your fun is over with, He has you in bondage.   When all the partying and sin is over, what do you have? Nothing but deep regret. He then has you in the palm of his hand, right where he wants you so he can destroy your soul!!

God DOES care... that's why He sent Jesus to redeem you from the curse of your sins. He wants you to delive…

Your Greatest Battle Plans....

I believe that most of us can attest to the truth that the greatest warfare is with the faith and trust that God has so graciously given us. God has a future and plan for each one of us. Everybody is included in that plan as Spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ. We all are members of the body of Church--the church--and God has surely not forgotten His own children, and Jesus has not forgotten his very own bride!!! 

I believe the Lord Jesus has been speaking to me about my faith because of the fact that you have to see with your faith into the invisible realm for your life. A lot of times we may not see our future blessing. We have to "believe" in the best for our lives and not for the worst. How boring would it be if we could see our futures. We would have nothing to look forward to in the realm of God's marvelous light.  A lot of time is spent worrying about our future. If we look for the dark side of things it will be more easier seen.   We have to flip those dark cl…

Jesus will Take A Mess......

The last thing we need to do is give up on God when things get rough and tough. I know that some of you are thinking, "Well I know this already!"

But not all of us are on the same path and maybe you need to hear what I am saying. My prayer is that this post points you in the right direction and that is to the Cross of Jesus Christ.  I know at one point I had to ask myself the tough questions.   I am talking to those who don't know, that satan has lied to and told them that they will never measure up to the the man or woman they should be in Christ Jesus.

The last thing we need to do is turn our back on God and go our own way instead of His.  Why do we do it then? Why do we decide to go it alone?  Why do we put up walls even with God and think we can survive in this world that He created?   We need to depend on Him all the more than ever. With Jesus we have everything pertaining to life and godliness.

I don't want to get sucked into the things of the world.  The Word of …

Are You A Passive Bystander??

Even as a admin and owner of a Facebook Mental Health Group, and Publisher of a Mental health Book and this Blog...I still struggle with depression; and at very times it is deep and a very strong cloud over my life, even on medicine. I think we all suffer to some point or at some degree if we are really honest with "ourselves." I would love to take a big old nap right about now, but I am not going to wallow in this mire, allowing it to rule and ruin my life any longer than it already has!!!

Depression is very demonic at its root. It zaps our energy and makes you want me to sleep endlessly, that is how it makes me feel anyway. Depression can drain the very life out of you and make your mind foggy and unclear....There is something wrong with that picture of someone who sleeps all day and cannot get out of the bed.

Bring passive means that you know the right thing to do, but you don't do it, you just let it slide for lack of motivation. God did not create us to be lazy an…

Depression..Be Gone!!!

I am so thankful to God for the admins at my Facebook Group. Thank you Debbie, Amie, and Joseph for Godly divine intervention today. I have been experiencing deep demonic clouds of depression off and on in the last month. My sleeping have been very irregular. I am talking about oversleeping way too much...that had overtook even my quiet times with God. I am thankful for their concern and lifting me up encouraging me with their words. Today there was a shift and those dark clouds passed over me.  

I am going back to the root of the matter...that I had a couple of lofty expectations since my book was published in April.  I had lost sight of the fact that just publishing my book was literally an act of God. I thought that God was going to raise me up as a evangelistic speaker.  Honestly, I do not know if that is in God's plan or not. I spoke at two engagements at two separate churches, and did a radio broadcast. At this point I need to lay that dream down because it has caused so much…

Heartly the Cat

 After our beloved cat, Priscilla passed away we were distraught.  We vowed we would never get another cat. But one day my wife spied a cat hiding under the vacant house up the street from us.

     The cat had a broken leg.  We were able to catch it, and took it to the vet.  The doctor did surgery on the leg. and was able to put a very small pen rod about the size of a paper clip into the back leg of the cat.

      The main task we had was to keep the cat in a kennel for a month so that the rod would set up in the leg of the cat. It was tough to keep the cat in the kennel  but we did our best until the day the doctor said it was well enough. 

     We couldn't keep the cat in the house it would run out when the dogs did, it was a very sneaky cat. 

     One day as I was sitting in my office I had a blinds open to where I could see out into the back yard. I saw Heartly climbing up our chain-link fence. I could not believe my eyes. Our disabled cat has full ability in his hind leg and one…


You will find JOY!

You will find LOVE!

You will find HOPE!

You will find GRACE!

resting in the arms of God our Father...

He will bring that healing,

that you need on the inside...

He sees where you once were,

on the front-line of Heaven's army...

He sees where you were hurt,

He sees the area where you were struck...

He knows the pain you feel fully well.

For He will send forth His mighty angels

to surround you around about...

He will send His Holy anointing oil,

pouring down upon your heart and soul...

breaking those heavy yokes.

Just receive that healing touch 

from Heavens throne,

right now wherever you may be...

be made whole and clean.

Your Voice

To hear your voice,
strong and clear,
drowning out all the other voices....
of doubt and fear.
The sure salvation
of my sincere trust,
Your voice resounding
through the caverns of my heart...
I cant get enough....
let me not go without...
the pounding of Your tender heart.
To know your voice
without a doubt
claiming my soul
and sealing
this heart.
 Before your throne
I humbly bow,
listening intently,
I find Your home
my heart.