Depression..Be Gone!!!

I am so thankful to God for the admins at my Facebook Group. Thank you Debbie, Amie, and Joseph for Godly divine intervention today. I have been experiencing deep demonic clouds of depression off and on in the last month. My sleeping have been very irregular. I am talking about oversleeping way too much...that had overtook even my quiet times with God. I am thankful for their concern and lifting me up encouraging me with their words. Today there was a shift and those dark clouds passed over me.  

I am going back to the root of the matter...that I had a couple of lofty expectations since my book was published in April.  I had lost sight of the fact that just publishing my book was literally an act of God. I thought that God was going to raise me up as a evangelistic speaker.  Honestly, I do not know if that is in God's plan or not. I spoke at two engagements at two separate churches, and did a radio broadcast. At this point I need to lay that dream down because it has caused so much doubt and discouragement that that will ever happen.  I lay my callings at the feet of Jesus, only He can resurrect that calling that I have had for so long.  I cannot make it happen on my own only God can open that door. I believe the devil caught up with my lofty thoughts. I was more focused on them than on Jesus.  

We need to be aware of satan's tactics. He attempts to overthrow God's plans, Jesus has overcome the world and the devil, and so have we. He died on the cross of Calvary, and was resurrected by the power of the Holy Spirit. God can resurrect us only if we die to sin and surrender to  His will.

Father, I lift up my gifts and callings to you. Your word says you have not revoked them, they are still in operation, but I will wait patiently for your plan to unfold....If that is a book or two or whatever... I leave it in Your  mighty hands and allow you to open the door and lead me there. I get back to the Fathers business and that is writing for your glory. No matter what anyone doesn't say or does....God's plan will be revealed in your perfect timing. Nothing  and no one can stand in the way!!!