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Whispers of Worship

God's grace is so amazing because we can come into the Savior's tender presence and feel His strong overwhelming peace and love flooding into our minds in times of need. By worshiping Him, Jesus can speak into the depths of our soul bringing us healing and wholeness.

     Unmerited grace so full of mercy, brings a great humbling experience in intimate times of worship , by the Holy Spirit washing away all evil and negative thoughts. We are able to bask in the sunlight of glory, knowing that Our Father reaches into our dark minds and cleanses us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In such a moment is hope, healing and deliverance from those thoughts that would attempt to rob and harass us by stealing our joy.

     Freedom reigns when we come to confess our victory belongs to Jesus. The arch-enemy of our soul, Satan, would like nothing more than to distract us from seeing the full picture all too clearly. The battle begins and ends in our thought life, and until we get a hol…