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Are You A Mountain Mover??

A lot of you may know or not, but I am on a health kick. I have lost 50 pounds since August 15 plus I took up a 9 week running program called "Couch 2 5K."   I found out that they have a app on the iPhone. I downloaded it and started seven weeks ago with interval walking/jogging for 30 minutes.  Now on week 7 I am slow jogging for 25 minutes. It is supposed to train you for a 5K race which now that I see I can jog, I hopefully can add a 5K to my bucket list.

I see these areas of my life as mountains that I have finally taken the initiative to remove them from my life.  I am 120 pounds overweight and haven't did regular exercise like this since I was 18 years old...I will be 55 on December 31.   It all boils down to your perspective on things.  For many years when I lived in isolation I allowed things to die in my life. I lost the will to have a productive and healthy life. I threw in the towel and surrendered to a life destined to die at any minute.  I  just didn't c…

I will Enter His Gates...

What makes the season bright with joy in childlike wonder and peace?  For some of us its the most depressing time of  year. I believe what they say about depression and all, and I am a firm believer in taking medicine. In a day when doom and gloom attempt to attack us, I wonder if as we get older our attitude is not part of the issue.

Don't get me wrong...I believe many of us do struggle with seasonal depression. I just wonder if a lot of it affects us as much as we say?  It's okay to miss relatives and reminisce of times when they were alive. But are we actually trying to unearth the graves of our dearly departed ones in our grieving season in the midst of the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus? "If they were here would it really affect your attitude?" Would that make you really and truly happy?

I know for me there was a time in my own life when a gloomy spell affected my whole attitude. It was if it followed me wherever I went. I had lost my will to live. I am …

It's All about The Grace!!

We need a deep awakening of God's grace...a fresh infilling...a new perspective of the reality of God's merciful divine favor. I tell you that we can experience all that Jesus experienced here on this earth and even more.

We can experience all He is now where He is seated on the right hand of the Father.  We can take ahold of that authority and position our lives as kings and priests of the Most High God of heaven and earth.
God's grace goes beyond the surface of any situation. For it reaches deep within into our very soul and makes a heart of stone into a soft and submitted heart. He can soften the hardest part and our Almighty Potter can mold us and make us after His will. Are you ready for that grace? Its not hard to find.
That grace goes beyond the veil and leads us through to the intimacy of the mercy seat, where God Almighty dwells cleansing and enabling us to see with His eyes through the spirit of humility. We need to spend some time in the holy place where God a…

Update 11-11-2018

Hey dear readers,  I just wanted to give you a update. I have two books(actually 3 books) in the making. One is a devotional book, one is short stories and the other is a book of poems I have wrote over the years. They will be very short books so far not over 25 pages for each one. I'm not looking to make a buck by a long short I just have a desire to make a difference in other peoples life and this is the only avenue where the door has opened for me to express my heart.

Self publishing is very tough for me, I just cannot get past or grasp some of the steps it takes to publish. I will have to have outside help to proof and publish them and I just am not financially able to pay someone at this point.  So please pray that I am able to financially pay them in God's timing.  I got the manuscripts ready all they need to be is to put them in book format.

These books will be very different from my first book. I felt the need to write my first book to get my story out in print. I thank …

Chances and Choices

Sometimes you just have to jump.  It is not going to feel nice and cozy, in fact it is going to be downright scary. You have no choice, if you want to go on in God you have got to take some leaps in faith, going into places that seem scary. God wants to stretch and bring supernatural growth into your life.
     Once you make that step, that final chance, that jump that seems like the scariest thing in your life, you will find you are flying through the heights, as the air guides you into a exhilarating stance on the mountain of God.
     You see, life is full of chances, you will see the choices you need to make and follow the one that God leads you to, you will know the route you need to go as the Spirit leads you into all truth.
     Sometimes we do not make the wisest choice.  We take a detour, or don't stay on course. In faith, we have to move back and return to the right road, no matter how hard that may be  Sometimes you just have to jump and allow God to catch you along the wa…