Are You A Mountain Mover??

A lot of you may know or not, but I am on a health kick. I have lost 50 pounds since August 15 plus I took up a 9 week running program called "Couch 2 5K."   I found out that they have a app on the iPhone. I downloaded it and started seven weeks ago with interval walking/jogging for 30 minutes.  Now on week 7 I am slow jogging for 25 minutes. It is supposed to train you for a 5K race which now that I see I can jog, I hopefully can add a 5K to my bucket list.

I see these areas of my life as mountains that I have finally taken the initiative to remove them from my life.  I am 120 pounds overweight and haven't did regular exercise like this since I was 18 years old...I will be 55 on December 31.   It all boils down to your perspective on things.  For many years when I lived in isolation I allowed things to die in my life. I lost the will to have a productive and healthy life. I threw in the towel and surrendered to a life destined to die at any minute.  I  just didn't care anymore about things like my weight, or being in church or life in general....

You see, that desire to live the abundant life was instilled in my soul at my spiritual conversion at the age of 18. Jesus came to this earth and took the crushing blow of death, not only to grant us all eternal life with Him in Heaven if we only give our hearts to him; but also to give us a abundant life here on this earth. But the devil's intent is to steal from us, and even kill us and destroy our lives on this earth. That is what He did to me. Let's put the blame where it should have been all along. It was not all about putting the blame of people. It was partly Richard's fault that calamity destroyed the life he once held.   But satan thought I would roll over and play dead. He didn't realize that my faith was silently growing stronger. You know how the saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes your stronger!!!"

He birthed desires in my heart to get the life back that I once knew. All the things I have done in the last 8 years was birthed by a single desire in my heart. You can fight it all you want. you can drown yourself in depression or addiction or use a illness as a excuse not to live better or change your life style. All those seeds that God planted in my heart at one time was pruned!!! Ever felt like God has pruned you??

I have been through  many difficult things and in my life... job loss, and sickness and divorce! You name it! I have been there. I made crushing decisions that affected many people and I am truly sorry for that. I could have been bitter, resentful and filled with hate. But you know what??   I came out on the other side of all that. After a long season of my life literally ended when I stepped out and married my teenage sweetheart and moved to Mississippi. I loved her at 15 and I love her even more now.  We have been married for 8  years now.

God put a desire in my heart in 2012 that I was supposed to write a book on my long time battle with schizophrenia. It was published in March 2018 See what I am saying here.....

Now I have 3 other book projects on the burner. I have no doubt in my heart that I will see 180 lbs once again! I have no doubt that I will complete the C25K program....

Jesus Himself spoke this scripture  "If you say to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea then so be it!! Anything is possible to those who believe even with the faith of  mustard seed!!"

Through the process of writing this post I felt lead to create a new Facebook group. I know I know! If all this has spoken to you I encourage you to come join me! Private message me or send a email to me if you are interested. It will be a Christian health and fitness group.


  1. You are an inspiration Richard. I pray God continues to help you grow and the ripple effects of the Holy Spirit spreads to others. I am praying for both of us to keep working for God's glory to be revealed through us in our separate ways.


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