Chances and Choices

Sometimes you just have to jump.  It is not going to feel nice and cozy, in fact it is going to be downright scary. You have no choice, if you want to go on in God you have got to take some leaps in faith, going into places that seem scary. God wants to stretch and bring supernatural growth into your life.

     Once you make that step, that final chance, that jump that seems like the scariest thing in your life, you will find you are flying through the heights, as the air guides you into a exhilarating stance on the mountain of God.

     You see, life is full of chances, you will see the choices you need to make and follow the one that God leads you to, you will know the route you need to go as the Spirit leads you into all truth.

     Sometimes we do not make the wisest choice.  We take a detour, or don't stay on course. In faith, we have to move back and return to the right road, no matter how hard that may be  Sometimes you just have to jump and allow God to catch you along the way.

     Let Jesus be your guide, let His word light your path...and You will fly on the mountain's heights.

     Beware of the evil voices that you hear from the side lines. They are not there cheering you on! Those are just old demons trying to detour you and distract your gaze. Keep them focused on Jesus.  He is at the end of the road with open arms wide.

One day you will understand all you went through to get in the place that you are at. Keep your faith strong and stay strong in His grace.

Father in Heaven, give us full view of your majesty, just once glance, let us reach out and tough your grace and mercy. Lord God, take what is wrong and turn it all around for Your glory and Your Kingdom come in all righteousness and justice. Father move over each person reading this with your Holy Spirit!!! Let the words of this blog be word and truth- strength and spiritual food they need to hear in this hour, In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!