I will Enter His Gates...

What makes the season bright with joy in childlike wonder and peace?  For some of us its the most depressing time of  year. I believe what they say about depression and all, and I am a firm believer in taking medicine. In a day when doom and gloom attempt to attack us, I wonder if as we get older our attitude is not part of the issue.

Don't get me wrong...I believe many of us do struggle with seasonal depression. I just wonder if a lot of it affects us as much as we say?  It's okay to miss relatives and reminisce of times when they were alive. But are we actually trying to unearth the graves of our dearly departed ones in our grieving season in the midst of the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus? "If they were here would it really affect your attitude?" Would that make you really and truly happy?

I know for me there was a time in my own life when a gloomy spell affected my whole attitude. It was if it followed me wherever I went. I had lost my will to live. I am saying this to say this...we need to check our attitudes because God has given us many blessings right in plain site. I'm saying its okay to miss our relatives. They are now reveling in glory. I don't believe they would want to come back. We who are alive will be here until the Father bids us to our heavenly home.

"I will enter His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart!!"

It is the day after Thanksgiving.

We made it...we survived the struggle of the turkey! LOL!

Did we count our blessings?

Are we grateful to be alive another day?

"I will enter His courts of praise!!"

Are we dreading the courts of Christmas?

I believe that as we reflect on praising GOD that we will be able to break through the gloom and doom attitude to find we are truly grateful as we count our many blessings....then as we find our praise the grace of God will come forth!!  We will vanquish that dark clouds of depression and see our own sneak peak of the glory of God that shines like beams of sunlight on to the manger of the Christ-child as morning breaks the eternal dawn within our mind, and heart.

May you find Jesus is truly the "Reason for the Season," this day and the rest of 2018 in His most High and Holy name, Amen.