Update 11-11-2018

Hey dear readers,  I just wanted to give you a update. I have two books(actually 3 books) in the making. One is a devotional book, one is short stories and the other is a book of poems I have wrote over the years. They will be very short books so far not over 25 pages for each one. I'm not looking to make a buck by a long short I just have a desire to make a difference in other peoples life and this is the only avenue where the door has opened for me to express my heart.

Self publishing is very tough for me, I just cannot get past or grasp some of the steps it takes to publish. I will have to have outside help to proof and publish them and I just am not financially able to pay someone at this point.  So please pray that I am able to financially pay them in God's timing.  I got the manuscripts ready all they need to be is to put them in book format.

These books will be very different from my first book. I felt the need to write my first book to get my story out in print. I thank you if you have ordered or read the book. It was a big undertaking. It has all been a healing journey all the way to the last page of that book. It is as if I have closed that chapter in my life. I want to move on in whatever way I am supposed to do that.

So please be in prayer for me about these ventures. I know all about stepping out in faith I just pray its all in God's perfect timing.


Richard  T Hicks