Turning the page.....in 2019

Our memories can be good and some painful to think about.  It is good to be reminded of all the wonderful and positive images etched in our brains. It is a awesome thing that the Father has given us the ability to think and reflect back on the good times. Then when we are reminded of the things that went wrong we went through, its not so wonderful but painful. God knows our past but so does our enemy which is the devil. Memories of a painful past can be overcome.   I hope this message points you in the right direction to get the victory. you can have it... It is yours for the taking.

So what do we do when images of memories of the past are more overbearing than the good memories?  Why do these memories of wrong acts or poor decisions seem to bombard our minds, retriggering grief and weighing down our minds with negativity resulting in depressing mental anguish.

It is as if some people are frozen in time, because they can not seem to move forward from the mistakes in their past. They are in a mental rut. The devil has got them thinking that that they will never be able to get another chance, nor forgiven by others and God.....They think its too late to move on. The devil has them believing that they are too far gone and that God will never forgive them....

I want to tell you here and now that if you are still alive this moment this second this hour this minute there is always time to make things right with God and others in your lifetime.  God doesn't hate you, He loves you with a everlasting passionate love. He does forgive. It is not in His nature to not forgive someone if you are truly sorry for your sin.  I for one believe that HE does forgive.

It doesn't matter what age you are. 15 or 55, 85!!!  I turn 55 today, and I am sure that I am still am  work in progress. I have not arrived, but I have sobered up and woke up to the fact that I could die tomorrow. Its not too late to ask forgiveness, and be forgiven for anything we have done and been thorugh!!!

It doesn't matter if you need to get right with me, but I desire all my friends and relatives to be encouraged to get their life right with GOD first and foremost! Have you got your life right with JESUS?  Those things on your bucket list, those lost relationships can be found and restored.  I know in some areas I can be very stubborn,but if we listen to the voice of God we can overcome the hurt and pain of our past relationships with friends and family members and people who God brought across your path through the years!

Ultimately it is up to you to turn the page in 2019. I know if you would just let go of the burdens of your past then God would release you in 2019 to be happier and at peace with your life. It is never too late to experience supernatural peace in your life above all situations and circumstances of your life.  Satan will let up.  You will be sifted, but there is also a time if you let go and let God have His way in your mind taking every thought captive even in your memories...The enemy of your mind doesn't want you to think that you can control your thoughts and memories but you can by the mental strength power of the Lord Jesus by the Holy Spirit living inside your body!!!

He did everything on the Cross of Calvary! He paid the price so you could find freedom in your mind and heart. He wants you to have joy and freedom!  Its okay to let go. God will protect you!

Father in Heaven, I am consumed by bad memories. Right now I plead the blood of Jesus over  my memories that satan  uses to harass me and torment me. I rebuke your lies Satan that I can not be forgiven. Jesus you forgive us allow us to experience the power of your sweet forgiveness in your glory and grace by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Transform my mind as I yield to your blood Jesus and the very Word of God!!! Help me to apply your blood to take every thought captive to it by every bad memory that keeps me up at night, and worries me at all times. I pray for everyone reading this to experience deliverance by the Holy Spirit. I turn the page and see a clear page. I allow the Holy Spirit to cover me and write the Word of God on the clear white page of my heart in Jesus most Holy Name, AMEN!  


  1. I love this one Richard. It is a powerful reminder that we can be more than some of our past mistakes and experiences. The devil loves to drag me back to old places but we are new creations in Christ. Thank you for sharing.


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